Icaro Arrigoni

LR-300 ML-A Assault Rifle

The LR 300 is an American assault rifle and conversion kit designed by gunsmith Allan Zitta and manufactured by Z-M Weapons. The LR stands for “Light Rifle” and 300 is for 300 meters, the effective range of the rifle with a standard 55-grain FMJ bullet. It is based on the AR-15 and is broadly similar to the United States service rifle, the M16.

UE4: Modern House Interior

What started out as a School Assignment, quickly turned into a Passion Project. A modern living room full of furniture and decoration of my liking. With posters of vintage racing and structures by my favorite architects, it all looks like how I would imagine my future house would look like!

Modern Home Office Project

Throughout my vacation I sought after something to make, it didn’t take me long until I came along a picture of a room and got inspired by it. So I decided to make it in 3D but also while giving my own twist to it! I did that by inspiring the environment’s layout to the original picture, but then by adding my own props to it. The final results were beyond what I expected and they turned out great!

Boring Collection™ Chair

My first period of internship was at a Visualization Studio in Amsterdam called Parallel Realities, they are closely affiliated with an Architecture Studio called Space Encounters, even being located in the same building. This means that the whole office is filled with furniture from their in house collection, The Boring Collection™. So we at Parallel Realities created some of those furniture pieces, me in particular created this very “boring” looking chair.

Hunting Shotgun

I have always been a fan of video games, and if there’s something that a lot of video games have in common is that a lot of them include weapons! So naturally I grew the need to create one my self. I gave it my best shot and finished it in about two days! And now I can safely say that I will in fact be making more guns in the future, that’s for sure!

Teenage Engineering - OP-1

OP-1 is the all-in-one portable synthesizer, sampler and controller. With additional features like a built-in FM radio and an assignable G-force sensor for motion controlled effects, there is quite nothing like it.
Its modular architecture enables endless sound possibilities without making the workflow complicated or distracting.
The compact design and real physical interface makes it inspiring to create music, no matter who you are or how experienced you are.

Vintage AKAI Hi-Fi Stereo Set

For this project I modeled an old school AKAI Stereo System accompanied by two Cervin-Vega AT-2 speakers! Even including and alternate version with the classic cloth covers for the speakers. I made this model in MAYA and textured it Cinema 4D. I also made all the text and graphics that are on the stereo system in Adobe Illustrator! All with the correct fonts, positions and functions! The lower unit is an AKAI AM-2800 Stereo Amplifier and the upper unit is an AKAI AT-2800 Stereo Tuner. The speakers are pretty standard looking Cervin-Vega speakers and horns in a wooden box with acoustic padding.

PBR Racing Car Parts Study

I wanted to study the technicalities of PBR shading, so I decided that I would model something that would have a lot of metal and even some other types of materials. I landed on car parts as those are usually made out of some kind of metal and or composite. This collection shows a miscellaneous group of car parts all textured using PBR based materials.